Monday, January 26, 2009

Communism is INEVITABLE!

Marx stated in his Communist Manifesto that society moves from one stage to another due to various rules that appear to be unstoppable. First, he mentioned that we belong to the time of capitalism because of our fetishism with material good (or materialism). He mentioned that due to our human nature the proletariat will become ever increasing (in numbers) until a revolution happens that overthrows the elite or the people in power. In the United States today, the elite form part of the richest one (1) percent of the population, and the proletariat or the working class is everyone else. Because Marx predicted this, and seems to be inevitable, how or what else is necessary for the United States to undergo a revolution? Would you agree that a revolution that will lead the United States into communism is about to happen? and if so will this revolution be a political one, or one that will require arms and violence?

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