Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How Pure Are Your Relationships?

At first this may sound like a misnomer. Giddens says that intimate relationships “in modernity are … characterized by ‘pure relationships.’ Individuals participate in these relationships in order to obtain self satisfaction. These relationships “occur purely for the sake of the relationship. Relationships today are pursued and maintained on the basis personal needs, and individual's propensity or desire to fulfill these modern needs. Prior to the onset of modernity, the frivolous friendships we enjoy in society today were unheard of. People were so busy just barely surviving that there was no time to have friends for the fun of it. The only non-family friends people had were those who’s relationships could assist in providing help in times of need. Giddens defines relational purity as the practical obtainment or satisfaction of the selfish personal needs of individuals.
Do you feel that your some of your current relationships in society are “pure”?


  1. Are some of my relationships "pure"? Yes! I beleive in friendship and without it, a relationship doesn't exist. I do not make friends due to desires or personal need, i make releationships due to personality and company Maybe you can say that my "need" is for complany, but a friend is a person that has no desire to use another.

  2. Yes, I strongly believe that many of my relationship are pure. I lean to those people for comfort and its them that i go to for advice. Many of these people that i consider to have a pure relatiosnhip with i cant go a day without talk to them.Thry fulfill my needs of listening about my day and hearing me out and vise-versa.