Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Change: all in our minds

The culture industry creates a promise of change of anti-establishment, counter-hegemonic movements while at the same time creating a numbing effect on all those consuming these messages (Appelrouth & Edels, 2008). Apart from carrying a message that everything is just fine the way it is there is also a sort of “rebellion” fix that is fed to society. Even though there may be a perception that change is needed relatively few people take up a protest against the current system. Society appears to be carrying on a “rebel” life vicariously through fictional characters created by the very system that creates the oppression. Who has not suddenly felt “gangsta” or taken on a “cowboy-Jesse James” aura after seeing one of those Hollywood fantasies or from hearing a favorite rock or rap CD? Instead of working towards change (praxis) people let the culture industry fictively provide that new world. In your mind do you believe that social change can be achieved with such a powerful culture industry keeping all satisfied (numb)?

Applerouth, S. & Edles, L. D.2008.Classical and Contemporary Sociological Theory:

Text Readings.Thousand Oaks, CA: Pine Forge Press

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