Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Money and the life-world

According to Habermas, as the economy colonizes the life-world, it changes the nature of any activities within the life-world that the economy colonizes. By using money to colonize the life-world, money becomes interwoven with many activities and thereby changes them. The example used in Allan is of sex: when money is used as a medium of exchange for sex, it changes the nature of the act. In the modern world, money is being used to colonize many aspects of the life-world, such as fitness, entertainment, spirituality, and other aspects.

What are some ways in which money has affected your own life-world?


  1. Since the economy is the way that it is right now, I am making sure every penny I spend is spent well. For example, you mentioned fitness and I have a gym membership and because I am paying for that and although I should be going more often, my motivation is to go BECAUSE I am paying for it. The same thing goes for school. Because I am paying so much for it, I feel that I need to do well in school, and actually show up to class so I can get my money’s worth, if you will. According to Habermas, paying for sex changed the nature of the act, and for me because I pay for something will mean more effort is taken into account with that activity.

  2. Some of the ways in which money has affected my own life/would be in my job. I am a tutor in a middle school and I absolutely love my job. However when I began working there it was done as a vonlunteer basis. Shortly after that I was hired officially and I began to get paid. Before getting paid I would show up to the school on my own basis when ever I had time. I ejoyed the time I spend there so much that the hours would fly by. When I began getting paid it changed I no longer thought about my job in the same way for I was constantly trying to be there on an earlier basis in order to put in more hours and in turn receive a bigger paycheck. Money changed the original intention of my job.

  3. Education! It makes sense to place a dollar amount on classes for a college institution, but this is more of a business than a place to aid the future of a person. Books are becomming ridiculously expensive, and library fees, technology fees, union fees, trash fees, walking fees, being-alive fees, blinking fees are beyond expensive! Of course I am exaggerating a bit, but most fees paid are useless. How often does one attend a technology center and use the computers. Some are frequently, but guess what?! We also have to pay for the paper we use to print. Book stores are deciding to use more hard cover books because its more expensive than a paperback. College institutions rather collect money than help us poor college students.